Free Countdown Timer

Free Countdown Timer 4.0.1

Countdown any conceivable task


  • Unlimited simultaneous countdowns
  • Supports MP3 files as alarms
  • Wake up your PC and display


  • The countdowns can't be paused


Free Countdown Timer is a small, useful tool that allows you to set deadlines and time tasks according to your day-to-day schedule.

There are a lot of personal organizers available to download, even just timers. What sets Free Countdown Timer a bit apart is its ability to play an MP3 file as the timer's buzzer. If you have a deadline for a specific task, for example, you could play an MP3 sound bite exclusively for when that particular deadline's due.

The nice thing about Free Countdown Timer is that you can very easily schedule multiple deadlines simultaneously, as well as remove, add, or edit existing deadlines in a few simple clicks. Each deadline is its own entry in Free Countdown Timer, which can be customized in a variety of different ways, including the way it's described. Additionally, you can schedule MP3 sound bites to wake up your computer if you've suspended it. You can even change the volume level of the sound.

One frustrating aspect of Free Countdown Timer is simply that you can't pause the countdowns once they've been started. It's not really much of a big deal if it's an extended countdown that goes on for hours or days. If you're under a time crunch to get a project done, however, don't expect to be able to stop Free Countdown Timer to go grab a snack or run to the bathroom.

Free Countdown Timer is also available in a portable version so busy users can take it with them on the go.

Aside from the lack of a pause button, Free Countdown Timer is a useful tool with the great ability to add your own MP3 files as alarms.

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Free Countdown Timer


Free Countdown Timer 4.0.1

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